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The design of York electric furnaces is unique, the cabinet is assembled with a special process that minimizes joints and minimizes seepage. The insulation is made of premium aluminum which makes cleaning easier and greatly reduces noise.

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The most reliable York electric furnace to date!

All YORK products are made here in North America to control every step of the design and make any improvements necessary for optimal product quality. This commitment to excellence allows us to meet and even exceed the highest quality standards, to offer durable devices with superior energy performance and covered by guarantees that are among the best in the industry. All this, because nothing matters more to us than your trust

No longer change your habits depending on the temperature but rather make the temperature adapt to your lifestyle, that is what York electric furnaces offer you with its Affinity variable speed hot air generators.

York has designed a complete line of furnaces perfectly suited to your air conditioners or heat pumps. You will appreciate the feeling of confidence that comes with the performance of York systems. Reliability, energy efficiency and energy savings are the main aspects of the design of these products. And since they’re built by York – an industry leader in innovative design – you can rest assured that they won’t stop working when it’s time to rest.



york climatrak

York ClimaTrak

Whether you live in an arid, temperate or humid climate, you can now enjoy an ideal level of comfort at all times. Thanks to our ClimaTrak® system, your installer will only need to adjust the heating cycles according to your climate.

Thanks to the modulation of the York electric furnace, you are always in your comfort zone

The colder the weather, the more heat your home loses and so does the demand for heating. Depending on the time of day and the efficiency of your generator, you may experience significant temperature variations. Understanding the distinctions between different types of electric furnaces will help you make the right choice and stay in your comfort zone. The York Affinity hot air generator has been designed to maintain the temperature at an ideal level by modulating its power in steps of 1%. The heating and ventilation regime automatically adjusts to compensate for heat loss to the outside of the house, which increases the level of comfort dramatically.

York design engine

The variable speed system of York Affinity electric furnaces is based on the electronically commutated motor (ECM) designed by York. Thus the fan speed varies according to the demand to circulate the air longer and the hot air no longer stagnates at the ceilings. So prolonged low-speed ventilation is much quieter, reduces indoor humidity and increases the efficiency of the system. The result is more comfort at all times, whether you live in a dry, humid or temperate region.

The X-13 motor that comes standard with York electric furnaces will give you uniform ventilation throughout the house. They have two configurations to meet all your comfort requirements. AHV and AVC models including a variable speed motor that will deliver exactly the right amount of air in your ducts.


Features unique to York electric furnaces

  • Ultra waterproof cabinet allowing only 2% or less air to escape, for greater energy savings.
  • Advanced one-piece or modular units ensuring a perfect match for the system and quiet and efficient operation.
  • Allergen reduction with filter and indoor air quality options for a cleaner, healthier home.
  • Efficient heat transfer with MaxAlloy ™ aluminum coil in one-piece units for efficient air flow and refrigerant circulation.
  • Drain pan with positive tilt eliminating condensate from the coil for healthier indoor air.
  • Long-lasting powder coating paint preserving a durable automotive quality finish that stays beautiful for years.

The design of York electric furnaces is unique, the cabinet is assembled with a special process that minimizes joints and minimizes seepage. The insulation is made of premium aluminum which makes cleaning easier and greatly reduces noise. In addition, the manufacturing is done only with quality materials to ensure the tightness and robustness.

The multi-position design allows it to be installed in any location and with all types of systems.

The cabinets are dyed with pre-painted steel, which completely prevents discoloration and corrosion.

Limited warranty 10 years parts and 5 years electrical elements for residential installations. In order to be valid, product registration must be completed online at www.upgproductregistration.com within 90 days of the installation date. Consult


Fixed speed electric furnace

This furnace has one or more ventilation speeds, however it cannot modulate the air velocity because these are fixed speeds (fixed CFM), so you must choose a speed that will be adapted to your ducts (the heating technician adjust your furnace during installation). The electric elements also have a fixed sound, you can however choose 2.5kW, 5kW and 15kW (depending on the capacity of your furnace)

Electric furnace with variable electric elements

Again, this furnace will not be able to modulate ventilation (like the previous furnace), it is only equipped with fixed speed. However, this furnace can modulate the power of these electrical elements thanks to an electronic card which will calculate the load of BTU / h necessary to heat your home thanks to the temperature sensors included in the furnace. This furnace is more efficient and more energy efficient than a fixed speed furnace because it only produces the kW needed to heat your home without wasting energy.

Variable speed electric furnace

This furnace is the best in its class, the fan is equipped with an ECM motor, this means that the motor will adjust the ventilation (CFM) according to what you really need in BTU / h. This electric furnace will be quieter thanks to a better quality motor and much less noisy. In addition, the electric elements are equipped with modulation (like the previous furnace). This is a huge advantage because the 2 main components (fan and electrical elements) communicate together thanks to the electronic card. The electrical elements heat in parallel with the ECM motor. So if you want to save on your heating bill, variable electric furnaces are an excellent choice for saving energy!

(York electric furnaces are compatible with all central heat pumps)



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