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This electric furnace has such precise control that you will no longer need to worry about temperature differences as it is equipped with state-of-the-art electronic control.

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Operation of an electric furnace

When you heat your home with an electric furnace, the operation is very simple. In the furnace cabinet, there is a fan that serves to push the air into your ventilation ducts (this is the main room). Then you have electrical components that heat the air that will circulate in your ducts. You also have a furnace filter, which is used to filter the air to protect the interior components of your furnace and to improve air quality.

The operation of an electric furnace is very simple, to start the furnace, you must necessarily have a request to the thermostat to tell your furnace that you need to heat. When that if sends a heating request to your furnace, the electrical elements will start to heat quietly to transfer the electricity into energy.


The advantages of the Stelpro electric furnace

Stelpro now offers you an electric furnace that will meet all your heating needs. It has such precise control that you will no longer need to worry about temperature differences as it is equipped with state-of-the-art electronic control. The Stelpro electric furnace is very easy to install and use compared to other equivalent furnaces.

It has several interesting features like the continuous ventilation button which will greatly improve your indoor air quality. An indicator light will tell you when it is in continuous ventilation world. You can also choose between low and high speed mode, it depends on the season and the outside temperature.

What is extraordinary with this new furnace is that it is equipped with a new “ECO” function. This feature allows you to intelligently control your heat pump or air conditioner to help save energy!



Stelpro electric furnaces are now equipped with indicator lights to better understand your furnace. With these lights, it is now much easier to understand your furnace. It indicates the power (in kW) that is in operation and the ventilation speed.

The case is now made from 100% galvanized steel to prevent rust and the formation of mold. Adjustable shutters have been adjusted to greatly improve static pressure control and reduce fan noise.

The motor is now completely sealed to ensure proper operation and extended engine life.

The electrical elements have been framed separately to facilitate cleaning and replacement (if necessary).



A unique function for the variable speed furnace SFECM

The SFECM (variable speed) furnace is equipped with a high performance ECM motor. It is capable of maintaining a constant air flow regardless of the variation of the static pressure in the ducts. It allows very easy adjustment of air flows according to your duct distribution network associated with each of the fan’s operating modes. Each of these four modes has an adjustment that adjusts the air flow to achieve a perfect mode of operation. The potentiometers are accessible on the control card. The adjustment scales vary from one model to another depending on the power of the device. To adjust the flow rates, simply turn the potentiometers to the desired values for each of the four ventilation modes.

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Fixed speed electric furnace

This furnace has one or more ventilation speeds, however it cannot modulate the air velocity because these are fixed speeds (fixed CFM), so you must choose a speed that will be adapted to your ducts (the heating technician adjust your furnace during installation). The electric elements also have a fixed sound, you can however choose 2.5kW, 5kW and 15kW (depending on the capacity of your furnace)

Electric furnace with variable electric elements

Again, this furnace will not be able to modulate ventilation (like the previous furnace), it is only equipped with fixed speed. However, this furnace can modulate the power of these electrical elements thanks to an electronic card which will calculate the load of BTU / h necessary to heat your home thanks to the temperature sensors included in the furnace. This furnace is more efficient and more energy efficient than a fixed speed furnace because it only produces the kW needed to heat your home without wasting energy.

Variable speed electric furnace

This furnace is the best in its class, the fan is equipped with an ECM motor, this means that the motor will adjust the ventilation (CFM) according to what you really need in BTU / h. This electric furnace will be quieter thanks to a better quality motor and much less noisy. In addition, the electric elements are equipped with modulation (like the previous furnace). This is a huge advantage because the 2 main components (fan and electrical elements) communicate together thanks to the electronic card. The electrical elements heat in parallel with the ECM motor. So if you want to save on your heating bill, variable electric furnaces are an excellent choice for saving energy!

(Stepro electric furnaces are compatible with all central heat pumps)


Energy saving electric furnace

An electric furnace is undoubtedly the fastest heating system to heat your home. You just have to set the temperature you want and in a few minutes you reach your set point thanks to the power of the electrical elements which immediately heat the air circulating in your ducts.

More and more people are changing their old oil furnaces for electric furnaces. The operating principle of electric furnaces is very simple, there is a cabinet, a fan, a filter and electrical elements. Electric heating is much cleaner than oil heating.

The Stelpro electric furnace is the best choice when it comes to heating!
Stelpro furnaces can use 20x20x4 filters

This central heating system (electric furnace) is extremely easy to install, it does not require any major renovation to your home. However, sometimes it will be necessary to make modifications on your ventilation ducts so that the system works correctly in order to adapt the ducts which was intended for oil furnaces.



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