Installation service

Our Rockstars team!

With our team of more than 20 certified installers, Les Entreprises MPH ensures that your project is installed according to the rules of the art. The continuous training of all these installers and technicians is provided by our technical supervisor, who checks the work of the installation teams on a very regular basis with the manufacturers’ prescriptions.

At Les Entreprises MPH, no file is completed without obtaining the full satisfaction of our customers.

During installation you will be asked to accompany the chief installer for the final inspection of the work. The installer report on your installation is given to management and this allows us to have control and follow-up on your project and your complete satisfaction. So, if fixes are necessary, the report allows them to be executed as quickly as possible.

Installation is usually done during the week (Monday to Friday). The time required depends on the scale and complexity of the project.

Protection against dust and damage – The work can sometimes produce dust so our installation service takes all necessary measures to protect all surfaces or they will have to work using a cover or carpet designed for installations .

Our Vision !

MPH Enterprises is committed to improving the well-being of all these current and future customers. With incomparable after-sales service and exceptional customer service.

We offer our customers reliable, high quality products and installations carried out by competent professionals. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with all of our clients and future clients.

Our professionalism is an important element in the success of our company’s projects. MPH Companies count on all these employees to ensure constant fluidity in the confidence of our customers.

Our mission

Establish long-term and lasting relationships with all customers.
Provide customer service that meets customer expectations.
Always respect customer property.
Respect the codes of ethics of the company.
Respect customer expectations.
Show integrity and respect.
Caring about customers
Achieve quality and professional installations

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