Repair service

Specialist in air conditioner and heatpump Repair Service!

We repair residential air conditiner and heating system

  • Wall air conditioner repair
  • Wall heat pump repair
  • Central air conditioning repair
  • Central heat pump repair
  • Electric furnace repair
  • Air exchanger repair

Before bringing in a technician to repair your air conditioning or heating devices
Make sure the unit’s filters are clean (all air conditioning and heating equipment has one or more filters to protect the coil from dust and other dirt)
Make sure that all device circuit breakers are on
Make sure you make a “request for air conditioning or heating request” to the thermostat (set point colder or hotter than the current room temperature)
Make sure your thermostat or controller is working properly and is on

We honor manufacturer warranty without any problem

Your device is still under warranty but the company that installed your equipment cannot repair your devices? No problem, we are associated with all suppliers of air conditioning and heating products in Quebec. We have access to all parts to repair your equipment and honor your warranty!

Our Advantages

Great customer service

Recommended CAA Habitation

98% satisfaction rate required

No pressure selling

Our sellers are advisers.

No subcontractor

Only qualified employees

After sales service

Do you have questions after your installation? Don’t be shy!

15 years of existence

You can benefit 100% from our experience!

Professional Staff

Our employees are trained to do quality work

Quality installation

The devices we installed 15 years ago are still functional

and more...

Thanks to our purchase volume, you can take advantage of the best prices on the market! All major brands are available!

RBQ: 8311-3779-24
Régie du bâtiment du Québec

RBQ 15.10 (Refrigeration)
RBQ 15.8 (Ventilation)
RBQ 16 (Electricity)

CMEQ: member # 13342
Corporation of master electricians of Quebec

CETAF: member # 850
Corporation of air and cold treatment contractors

Qualification on halocarbons:
(handling and recovery of refrigerants)

It’s no wonder that all of the devices we’ve installed so far still work. The key to success is: quality installations made by exceptional employees.

Specialists in air conditioning and heating

We specialize in the installation of all air conditioning, heating and ventilation equipment. We love challenges and we have a great team of people who will offer you solutions tailored to your needs. All our staff know these functions and will advise you when the time comes to make important decisions for your equipment.

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