Dettson Electric Furnace

We will have an unrivaled offer from any other manufacturer as deep as this line of products. From now on, 3 new platforms will come to constitute our furnace offer for central forced air system.

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The best Dettson Electric Furnace

We will have an unrivaled offer from any other manufacturer as deep as this line of products. From now on, 3 new platforms will come to constitute our furnace offer for central forced air system.

  • Better defined pre-perforations on the sides for return air to facilitate installation
  • New furnace outlet to the 20 ″ x 20 ″ ducts in order to better sit the duct itself and the air conditioning coil
  • Full modulation operation for better efficiency and better comfort
  • Simpler installation
  • Incorporates comments on improvements sought from our installer and user partners

If you use electricity as heating energy at home and want a forced air furnace that you will not have to worry about while enjoying an extreme silence of operation, seriously consider the modulating series it will impress you without no doubt. In addition, if you dare to push your daring to pair this modulating Supreme with a Dettson Alizé air conditioning unit, you will undoubtedly never have made such a wise purchase on a system connected to your comfort at home.


Supreme Confort

A series offering a galvanized cabinet and only a PSC type motor.



A larger power range than the Comfort series, a painted cabinet, a design with these stylish doors, and the option of the variable speed motor.



It offers the same power range as the Advantage with additional modulation and not only an internship operation. This modulation from 0 to 100% is done with a variable speed motor only in order to really allow the benefits of modulation. This series can also offer modulating air conditioning when installed with our Alizé air conditioning unit, the Right Sized System is therefore also accessible with the Supreme.

The benefits of the supreme electric furnace

Are you looking for an economical way to keep your family warm? The ultimate compact electric furnace is your solution !!

Available in a large number of capacities, the Supreme electric furnace can easily replace your existing furnace or become the heart of your new heating, ventilation and even air conditioning system.

Thanks to its robust multi-position single-size cabinet, the Supreme furnace can be considered for multiple applications with little clearance near combustible materials. Its construction and superior insulation give it the quietest operation.

The electrical elements come into operation sequentially and silently using
signals sent by 22 Volt DC relays fitted with timers and current rectifiers.

The Supreme electric furnaces are made in Quebec and are specially designed for the North American climate.

There are 3 types of electric furnaces: Fixed speed electric furnaces, furnaces with variable electric elements and fully variable furnaces.


Electric furnace at fixed speed

This furnace has one or more ventilation speeds, however it cannot modulate the air velocity because these are fixed speeds (fixed CFM), so you must choose a speed that will be adapted to your ducts (the heating technician adjusts your furnace during installation). The electric elements also have a fixed sound, you can however choose 2.5kW, 5kW and 15kW (depending on the capacity of your furnace)

Electric furnace with variable electric elements

Again, this furnace will not be able to modulate ventilation (like the previous furnace), it is only equipped with fixed speed. However, this furnace can modulate the power of these electrical elements thanks to an electronic card which will calculate the load of BTU / h necessary to heat your home thanks to the temperature sensors included in the furnace. This furnace is more efficient and more energy efficient than a fixed speed furnace because it only produces the kW needed to heat your home without wasting energy.

Variable speed electric furnace

This furnace is the best in its class, the fan is equipped with an ECM motor, this means that the motor will adjust the ventilation (CFM) according to what you really need in BTU / h . This electric furnace will be quieter thanks to a better quality motor and much less noisy. In addition, the electric elements are equipped with modulation (like the previous furnace). This is a huge advantage because the 2 main components (fan and electrical elements) communicate together thanks to the electronic card. The electrical elements heat in parallel with the ECM motor. So if you want to save on your heating bill, variable electric furnaces are an excellent choice for saving energy!
(Supreme electric furnaces are compatible with all central heat pumps)



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