Panasonic wall mounted Heat Pump

The Panasonic wall-mounted heat pump is more attractive than ever and stylish and stylish, with beautiful rounded shapes, these are unique characteristics that blend harmoniously with almost any decor.

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Thermopompe murale Panasonic 9,000btu – 12,000btu – 18,000btu – 24,000btu 20 à 28,5 SEER / 10 à 12 HSPF

Before buying your wall-mounted heat pump
Wall-mounted air conditioners or wall-mounted heat pumps are specially designed to provide for people who do not have a ventilation duct in their home. If you have electric baseboards or convectairs to heat your home during the winter, you probably don’t have wall mounted air conditioning to cool your home on very hot summer days. A wall-mounted air conditioner or a heat pump can be installed almost anywhere and requires no renovation after the work. There are a lot of brand air conditioners available in Quebec, however they are not always reliable devices. It is for this reason that you must be careful when you think of buying a wall-mounted air conditioner or a heat pump When purchasing an air conditioner, you must ensure that the contractor performing the work has all of these licenses to perform the work.

Wall-mounted heat pump buying guide (updated 2023)

Everything you need to know before buying a wall-mounted heat pump

10 year warranty on PANASONIC wall heat pumps!

Panasonic air conditioners and heaters are now guaranteed for 10 years! This warranty covers the compressor, parts and labor. So you don’t have to worry for ten years! All these guarantees are fully assumed by Les Entreprises MPH.

New in 2014 Panasonic air conditioners are now equipped with self diagnostic control, so you can rest easy when buying your wall mounted air conditioner or heat pump. This function is designed to avoid equipment breakage when there is a problem. The indoor unit will warn you with the indicator light (LED) if there is a malfunction of the unit. You can then contact us so that we can check if the wall air conditioner works well. However, please note that panasonic wall conditioners very rarely have problems, they are really reliable devices. They have been tested thousands of times in a North American climate to easily meet the expectations of Quebecers. Silicone coatings have been added to completely seal the electronic cards, the external condenser is now stained with a baked paint to prevent discoloration of the device, the compressor is fitted with rubber which reduces noise by 20% less than the competition. It is for all these reasons that Panasonic are not afraid to guarantee their devices for 10 years. All these novelties are extremely important stages because the winter in Quebec is harsh and long. There are a lot of air conditioning units that are designed only for the climates of Europe and Asia.

The new Panasonic Heat Pumps are more attractive than ever: sleek and stylish, with beautiful characteristic rounded shapes that blend harmoniously with almost any decor. Accompanying today’s modern interiors, they can add a touch of pleasantly casual design to any the House’s rooms. The Panasonic EXTERIOS wall-mounted heat pumps are among the best wall-mounted heat pumps in its class. With an energy efficiency rate of more than 21 they can air-condition your house in no time thanks to the fan allowing a great circulation of air and covering more space. The condenser with “Blue Fin” coating (anti-corrosion) is specially designed for the Quebec climate. The device can operate in low ambient temperature. Controlled by the device’s sensors, the Panasonic Wall Mounted Air Conditioner can operate in air conditioning during the winter. Extremely quiet operation combined with high and efficient cooling power thanks to these precise electronic controls which modulate with the Inverter compressor. The inverter compressor continuously adjusts the rotation speed of the compressor to continuously provide the optimal performance of the wall-mounted air conditioner. This extremely precise operation allows rapid cooling while consuming less current than units without traditional inverter. In addition, the Panasonic wall mounted heat pump is equipped with an extremely efficient filtration system. The SUPER alleru-buster filter combines three effects in one: anti-allergen, anti-virus and anti-bacteria protection, to keep the air in the room clean and healthy. the indoor wall air conditioner works as quietly as a murmur at 20dB * You may not even hear it when it is working, which makes it ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, or any place where you watch a TV program or listen to music.

  • Seasonal energy efficiency rate of 21
  • R410A refrigerant
  • Inverter control
  • Anti-allergen filter (Super alleru-buster)
  • Odor removal function
  • Air flow direction control (up, down)
  • Advanced power mode
  • Extremely quiet
  • Manual control of the air flow direction in the horizontal plane
  • Automatic operating mode
  • Heating possible at -20 ° C
  • Soft-dry operating mode
  • 24 hour real on / off setting timer
  • Warm start command
  • Wide and long air deflector
  • Blue fin capacitor
  • Automatic restart (random)
  • Washable removable front panel
  • Upper maintenance access panel
  • Long piping length: 15 m
  • Self-diagnosis function
  • Wireless remote control with liquid crystal display
  • ENERGY STAR® compliance

Guarantee: 10 years Compressor 10 years Pieces 10 years Labor


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