Goodman Electric Furnace

Au cœur de la nouvelle conception est le SmartFrame ™ squelette interne, qui ajoute une stabilité latérale au châssis, fournit un emplacement de montage pour tous les composants internes et fournit la rétention d’une isolation supplémentaire.

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An economical Goodman electric furnace

Goodman manufactures and distributes the best-selling range of electric furnaces in North America. Goodman products have proven themselves thanks to their durability and the quality of their design. Their completely acoustically insulated ventilation cabinet reducing sound and condensation thanks to thermal insulation add in addition, their embossed galvanized steel finish with a thickness of 24g and their paint finish in rust resistant polyester make these ventilation systems a top mark.

The variable speed fan motor allows Goodman electric furnaces to have a CFM 15% higher than those of most competitors. The direct-acting 3-speed motor gives you the perfect amount of air for air conditioning and heating your home.

These multi-position devices can be installed in any location, basement, attic or closet. They are ideal for a new construction or replacement of a gas or oil furnace because their purchase cost is lower than the majority of manufacturers.


Goodman SmartFrame Electric Furnace

At the heart of the new design is the internal skeleton SmartFrame ™, which adds lateral stability to the chassis, provides a mounting location for all internal components and provides retention of additional insulation.

Superior insulation

Our unique solution removes all adhesives from the cabinet insulation, which is mechanically attached to the SmartFrame structure and the additional retaining rods strategically placed near the entire blower are greatly improved

No external side screws or Return

The SmartFrame structure eliminates the need for screws on the side or back of the electric furnace. Not only is this easier to install without damaging the sliding of the unit, but more importantly it will prevent sweating of the screws in high humidity applications.

Easily convertible because the Goodman electric furnace is Multi Position

The all-aluminum evaporator is mounted on a pane with high grooves intended to slide the water inside and on tracks mounted on the SmartFrame substructure. When designing these units, we improved water management, and made notable differences in the shape of sheet metal and molded baffles, which prevents water from better tracking the condensation failure. There is also a downflow recovery tank insulation kit (DPI B, C & D) available for the bottom of the pan when installing in a downflow application.


The Comfort Net mode of the Goodman Electric Furnace

Installing the ComfortNet ™ Indoor Comfort Communicating System is a simple process. Using 4 cables, the ComfortNet system configures all Goodman® brand air conditioners, heat pump systems or gas boilers in just a few seconds. The ComfortNet system monitors the performance of the interior and exterior system components to ensure that the entire interior comfort system operates as efficiently as possible. This combination offers what we consider to be the perfect balance between indoor temperature and humidity control.

Furnace diagnosis

The ComfortNet system is capable of alerting the owner when a part of the entire system requires repair. In addition, the standard features of the ComfortNet system include a simplified mixed fuel system, outdoor temperature sensors and an adjustable permanent fan control.


Advantages of the Goodman Electric Furnace

  • From 3 to 21 kW
  • From 550 to 1880 CFM
  • Sealed fan motor, direct acting and 3 speed, 230 volts, ultra quiet
  • Low voltage transformer and blower delay timer in each unit included
  • The electric furnace can easily be combined with a heat pump or a central air conditioner
  • Power of electrical elements up to 21 kW.
  • ARI (Air Conditionning and Refrigeration Institute) and CSA certification.
  • Acoustically and thermally insulated cabinet reducing sound and condensation
  • 10 year warranty on parts and motor


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