Dettson wall mounted Heat pump

The Dettson wall thermopome achieves remarkable levels of reliability and efficiency. Over the years, Dettson air conditioning units have stood out thanks to their unrivaled reliability.

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Before you buy your Dettson wall-mounted heat pump

Wall-mounted air conditioners or wall-mounted heat pumps are specially designed to provide for people who do not have a ventilation duct in their home. If you have electric baseboards or convectairs to heat your home during the winter, you probably don’t have wall air conditioning to cool your home on very hot summer days. A wall-mounted air conditioner or a heat pump can be installed almost anywhere and requires no renovation after the work. There is a huge brand of heat pump available in Quebec, however it is not always reliable devices. It is for this reason that you must be careful when you think of buying a wall-mounted air conditioner or a heat pump When purchasing a heat pump, you must ensure that the contractor performing the work has all of these licenses to perform the work.

Wall-mounted heat pump buying guide (updated 2023)

Everything you need to know before buying a wall-mounted heat pump


Dettson history

From the smallest unit to the largest, Dettson has been providing engineering and commitment to the air conditioning and heating industry since 1952. We design products to give you the highest quality, energy efficiency and reliability. Our business was founded on a standard of excellence, our products are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry without any compromise and our products are covered among the best guarantees in the industry. From the start, Dettson has kept the focus on product manufacturing quality and the development of new technologies to make our products more energy efficient, durable, reliable, easier to install for contractors and easier to maintain for consumers. Each air conditioning unit is tested in our laboratories to ensure that it will respond positively to our customers’ expectations of the Quebec climate. All possible climatic conditions are reproduced in our laboratories to obtain the real operating conditions of your units. We also offer technical training and technical support to ensure that all of our Dettson certified dealers understand how to install and maintain our products.

Advantage of the Dettson wall-mounted heat pump

Dettson wall-mounted heat pumps achieve remarkable levels of reliability and efficiency. Over the years Dettson brand air conditioning units have stood out thanks to their unrivaled reliability. There are thousands of Dettson wall heat pumps installed 20 years ago that are still working. They can reach a maximum of 40 SEER. These devices are designed to operate quietly while providing reliable performance for several years. Operating mode Air conditioning, dehumidification, ventilation and auto. Nominal capacity 9000, 12000, 18000, 24000 BTU / hr. Voltage 230 / 208V, 60 Hz, 1 phase. Indoor unit Installation at the top of the wall, can be connected on either side. Plastic case, white standard. 4-speed cross-flow fan (turbo, high, medium and low). Washable filters. Outdoor unit Variable speed rotary compressor (INVERTER), with overload limiter. Refrigerant flow controlled by a capillary. Condenser fins covered with a hydrophilic coating for greater resistance to corrosion. Large diameter silent axial fan for better heat exchange. Connection piping Minimum pipe length of 10 ft (3 m). Flared fittings. Regulation Wireless remote control included. Set temperature: 16 to 30 ° C (61 to 86 ° F). Temperature display format: ° C or ° F. Application Dining room-kitchen, living room, family room, commercial building, office building, condo, restaurant. Silent mode The fan inside the Dettson wall heat pump has been resized to be even quieter: (as low as 28 dbs). The variable speed compressor will save you money compared to non-inverter compressors. The compact design of our Dettson devices meets the various living spaces and requirements while harmonizing with your decor.   Ultra-precise inverter compressor The modulation of the compressor allows a constant adjustment in order to remain at the best speed to obtain a perfect temperature Protective grid and robust housing The protective grid and the housing are made of galvanized steel dipped in a baked paint to prevent damage and ensure durability Protection of refrigerant leaks The outdoor unit has a module that protects the compressor from overheating if a refrigerant leak is detected Manual switch The easily accessible button allows continuous operation if the remote control is lost. Auto standby mode Automatically increases the temperature setting by 2 ° F twice (after half an hour and one hour). The indoor unit stops when the stopwatch finishes its run. Anti-corrosion treatment All the coils in the outdoor unit are coated with a blue anti-corrosion coating which prevents the formation of oxidation on the outdoor and indoor unit. This promotes lasting efficiency and will extend the life of the coil by helping to prevent corrosion caused by surrounding pollutants. Interior drying coil (X-fan) When the air conditioning cycle is finished, normally a device switches off automatically. The problem with that is that the moisture that was taken out of your house got stuck on the indoor coil. In X-Fan mode, the fan continues to operate when the temperature is reached or when you turn off the device. This prevents the formation of mold and bacteria. Exceptional guarantees We are so confident of the quality of our products that all Keeprite products are covered by a 10 year warranty on the compressor and on the parts. Each unit is 100% tested for the Quebec climate and is designed with a level of engineering and optimal manufacturing quality to bring you lasting performance. (10 year warranty on available labor)  


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