Opéra Convectair 12″


Opera 12 and Opera 17 are equipped with the most innovative energy saving features. In addition, the Opera 12 has a height of 12 “, which allows it to be installed under windows or tight spaces in height.

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The smartest Opera 12 “convectair on the market

Opera 12 and Opera 17 are equipped with the most innovative energy saving features. In addition, the Opera 12 has a height of 12 “, which allows it to be installed under windows or tight spaces in height.

The new Convectair Opéra 12 ‘’ is equipped with innovative technologies, this unique Convectair with radiant panel is equipped with an absence detector. It is also able to detect if a window is open. When the room is unoccupied, the Opera convectair automatically lowers the room temperature according to the chosen degree. When you enter the house, it will return to the temperature you have chosen. If a cold draft occurs due to a window or door, the device can shut down to avoid unnecessary waste of energy. Heaters


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Radiant facades

The facades of our radiant appliances are designed to conduct heat as best as possible. The facade of Opera 12 is thus dimpled to allow the element to better spread its gentle warmth in the room. With a modern design, this facade houses the absence detector, a real energy-saving tool.


Its precision

Thanks to the backlit electronic thermostat sensitive to 1/10 ° C near the Opera 12 and its probe placed 6 inches from the ground to detect the coldest air, you will evolve in a stable, precise and constant atmosphere.


The best Convectair ever

Convectairs meet Canadian and American safety standards. Their design also incorporates the most demanding European performance standards. Natural convection heaters have an integral X-shaped heating element. Made of a high-performance alloy, this patented element is characterized by exceptional heat conductivity. Thus, each Convectair natural convection appliance transmits maximum heat to the largest volume of air. Natural convection exploits the physical principle that warm air rises and cold air descends. Thus, the cold air from ground level heats up in contact with the central element. By “chimney effect”, this air rises and leaves via deflectric grids which project it towards the center of the room. In this way the air of the whole room follows in a soft and perfectly silent movement.

Awards and distinctions (2015)

Convectair is proud to announce that its Opera 12 and Opera 12 devices received the price of the competition on new products for the category “electrical appliances of residential & commercial application” at the MCEE show which took place in Montreal last April.

Awards and distinctions (2014)

Convectair won two prizes for its Opera 12 and Opera 12 devices at the Contech trade fair in November 2014. A mention in the category “innovative technologies and products in housing” and a jury distinction in “energy efficiency for products residential “.

Heating element

Total capacity: 750W and 1000W

Radiant: Monobloc, multi-rib radiating resistance in high-emissivity aluminum alloy.

Thermal safety: Automatic reset to interrupt operation in the event of overheating.



Integrated electronic thermostat, proportional action, ultra-precise to 1/10 ° C (1/5 ° F).

Programmer: Can receive the 7392 cassette from the Programmer.


Control panel

Location: Located at the top with a lockable protective cover.

Consumption indicator.

Digital display and controls lockable by key combination.

On-Off button with indicator light.

Mode selector button with 5 functions: Comfort; Economy; Frost protection (7 ° C (45 ° F)); Program (automatic lowering when connected to the Convectair Programmer); Absence detector (lowering in the event of absence detection).

+ And – button: Controls the set temperature and allows the controls to be locked.

Open window button: Activation of the open window detection.

Ideal ° C button: Optimizes energy consumption and resets to factory settings.

Heating indicator.


Steel coated with anti-corrosion polyester / epoxy resin and resistant to UV rays.

Housing: Convex body and rounded corners for a minimum of space.

Perforated front grille facilitating radiation with absence detector on the front.

Color: FS = Satin white


Installation and connection

Installation height: 15 cm (6 in.).

Minimum clearances: Front: 75 cm (30 in) – Sides: 20 cm (8 in) – Top: 20 cm (8 in).

Installation: fast on the surface by a backsplash also serving as a marking template.

Connection: 240V, by flexible cord with housing plate supplied. Requires installation of a wall junction box (not supplied).


The Convectair guarantee

2 years against all vices.

5 years for heating elements.

Additional information

Weight 9.7 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 4.5 × 17.33 in



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