Stelpro SHC convector


An ultra precise convector
Slim and elegant

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White economic SHC convector

The new stelpro SHC electronic convector has rounded sides and clean lines that impress the gallery. It is available with a built-in ultra-precise electronic thermostat or without a thermostat, giving you the flexibility to use it however you want to control the temperature. This device with a modern look, available in 2 colors, is also offered in several voltages in order to be able to adapt to both commercial and residential applications. A real gem





A very precise electronic chronoproportional thermostat controls the device so as to minimize temperature differences and increase your level of comfort. This thermostat is specially designed to allow the appliance to heat more often, but at lower power. This principle keeps the temperature very stable in order to ensure high comfort. In addition, this keeps the case at a lower temperature, which makes it safer. The on / off cycles of the appliance are controlled chronoproportional, which increases or decreases the percentage of heating in a cycle depending on the desired temperature. Please note that the appliance becomes warmer when the heating demand is higher and remains warm when the demand is lower.


To protect your home from freezing and limit energy consumption in the event of a prolonged absence, adjust the thermostat to the antifreeze position. To enter this mode, you must lower the daytime temperature between 3 ° C and 5 ° C until a snowflake () is displayed. The icon indicates the activation of this economical and safe operating mode.


To activate or deactivate this mode, you must switch to the “Choice of NIGHT mode duration” mode. The number of hours programmed in NIGHT mode must be 23 hours or less in order to activate the AUTOMATIC mode. To do this, press the two buttons simultaneously for three (3) seconds. To deactivate this mode, press the two buttons again for three (3) seconds. If the number of programmed hours is increased to more than 23, the AUTOMATIC mode is immediately deactivated (if it was activated). The icon for the AUTOMATIC mode turns on or off as appropriate. If you do not press any button for five (5) seconds, you will exit the programming mode and return to the NIGHT mode, the programming of the NIGHT mode will be reset and the automatic mode will activate if it has been activated. After 24 hours, the AUTOMATIC mode causes the automatic return to the NIGHT mode. The night programming is then reset and another 24 hour cycle begins. Even if the thermostat is in AUTOMATIC mode, you can switch from DAY mode to NIGHT mode as you wish, this will not influence the 24 hour cycle and automatic return to NIGHT mode.


standards: white


epoxy-polyester powder paint


  • 22 gauge steel case
  • height of the housing promoting the chimney effect
  • 20 gauge steel front
  • the air enters under the device and exits through the front

Total capacity

500W / 1000W / 1500W / 2000W
240V / 208V


two stainless steel tubular elements insulated by nylon sleeves to reduce expansion and contraction noise of metal subjected to heating cycles


  • electronic thermostat with integrated digital screen
  • wall thermostat (not included)



  • surface
  • wall installation at least 4 ” from the floor
  • concealed wall mount (included)
  • rear cable ties (included)


10 years for the element and 3 years for all other components

Additional information

Weight 11.2 lbs
Dimensions 17.31 × 4 × 17.56 in

, , ,


With integrated thermostat, Without thermostat


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Without thermostat
Code Power – Watt Voltage Product Height – mm (in) Product length – mm (in) Weight – kg (lb) Color
SHC0502WCW 500/375 240/208 446 (17-9/16) 440 (17-5/16) 5.1 (11.2) Blanc
SHC1002WCW 1000/750 240/208 446 (17-9/16) 581 (22-7/8) 6 (13.3)
SHC1502WCW 1500/1125 240/208 446 (17-9/16) 727 (28-5/8) 7.1 (15.7)
SHC2002WCW 2000/1500 240/208 446 (17-9/16) 889 (35) 8.6 (18.9)
With integrated thermostat
Code Power – Watt Voltage Product Height – mm (in) Product length – mm (in) Weight – kg (lb) Couleur
SHC0502W 500/375 240/208 446 (17-9/16) 440 (17-5/16) 5.1 (11.2)
SHC1002W 1000/750 240/208 446 (17-9/16) 581 (22-7/8) 6 (13.3)
SHC1502W 1500/1125 240/208 446 (17-9/16) 727 (28-5/8) 7.1 (15.7)
SHC2002W 2000/1500 240/208 446 (17-9/16) 889 (35) 8.6 (18.9)