VanEE Virtuo 75ERS ERV 150 CFM air exchanger

Air flow: 160 CFM
Location of vents: Sides or Top (horizontal or vertical)
Sensible heat recovery (-25 ° C): 60%
Total humidity recovery efficiency (35 ° C): 65%
Mouth Size: Oval, for 6 ” round
Controller not included

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VanEE Virtuo ERV 150 CFM air exchanger – A quality air exchanger at an affordable price

Houses are now better insulated and more waterproof than ever … trapping mold, stale air and dust inside the house. For over 40 years, vänEE has been the industry leader in indoor air quality. Thanks to our air exchangers, stale and polluted air is removed from the house. Get the most fresh air and energy efficiency with our AI series featuring our exclusive VIRTUOTM technology. VIRTUO has only one thing in mind: owner’s comfort!


Air flow: 150 CFM

Location of vents: Sides or Top (horizontal or vertical)

Sensible heat recovery (-25 ° C): 60%

Total humidity recovery efficiency (35 ° C): 65%

Mouth Size: Oval, for 5 ” round

Controller not included


With VIRTUO, you leave behind a surveillance whose mission is to preserve the quality of your work. When a pressure change occurs, VIRTUO senses it and adjusts engine speed to maintain the proper cubic feet per minute (CFM) level.


The system remains constantly balanced, forever.

Unlike previous generations of air exchangers, VIRTUO continuously adjusts taking into account each variation in order to provide optimal balance at all times, which maximizes the recovery performance of your HRV / ERV and optimizes the air quality. The owner derives maximum savings and comfort.



VIRTUO has only one thing in mind: owner comfort. He sees to this comfort and to ensure optimal indoor air quality without any user action being necessary. Additionally, by ensuring continuous balancing, the VIRTUO device does not create positive or negative pressure, helping to maintain the integrity and value of the property.  


The intelligence of VIRTUO has been designed, programmed and tested to harness the full potential of the state-of-the-art components built into every AI-series device. It relies on the fine speed adjustment capabilities of the motors to adjust the ventilation with the highest precision. Dynamic data analysis ensures a smooth interaction between sensors and motors.



The algorithm quickly makes decisions based on multiple indoor and outdoor factors such as temperature and humidity. With real-time detection, adjustments are automatically generated and air quality is continuously optimized. This speed of action has the effect of minimizing energy consumption for the benefit of the owner.

What type of air exchanger is best for me?

HRV or ERV? Depending on the geographic location of your home, you will need to install one of the following two types of air exchanger: a heat recovery air exchanger (HRV) ventilation system or an energy recovery air exchanger (VRE).


HRV – Heat Recovery Ventilator

In colder regions, where home heating is required, a heat recovery ventilation system (HRV) is a good choice. An HRV system provides the home with a continuous supply of fresh outside air. As stale, warm indoor air is expelled outside, the heat recovery core heats cold air from outside before it is distributed in your home. This effect is beneficial, you do not feel a draft and you do not waste energy to heat the air outside.


ERV – Energy Recovery Ventilator

ERV is the perfect choice for all types of climates including hot and humid summers, where homes are air conditioned and dehumidified for most of the year. Like HRV, ERV recovers heat in the cold season, but also recovers energy trapped in ambient humidity, which greatly increases the overall recovery efficiency of your air exchanger. This is how the ERV system works: in regions with a humid climate and in air-conditioned houses, where the humidity is higher outside than inside, the ERV system limits the amount of humidity entering the House. In dry climates and humidified homes, when humidity levels are reversed, the ERV system limits the amount of moisture released outside the home.

Additional information

Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 27.05 × 20 × 12.5 in
Air outlet

Vertical, Horizontal


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