Lifebreath RNC6-ES VRC air exchanger 176 CFM


Airflow: 176-89 CFM
Location of the vents: on the top
Sensible heat recovery (-25°C): 60%
Mouth size: Oval, for 5″ round
DXPL-02 controller included

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The most efficient Lifebreath RNC6-ES air exchanger on the market!

This next generation Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) features many improvements. This new HRV will provide more consistent performance, better airflow isolation and improved airflow throughout the year.


  • Units are backed by a lifetime warranty on the HRV core and a five (5) year warranty on spare parts.
  • Aluminum Crossflow Core
  • Balancing outlets in the door and adjustable dampers
  • Top holes
  • Better performance at low temperatures.
  • This product is ENERGY STAR qualified for meeting stringent energy efficiency requirements established by Natural Resources Canada and the U.S. EPA. It meets ENERGY STAR requirements only when used in Canada


Airflow: 176-89 CFM

Location of the vents: on the top

Sensible heat recovery (-25°C): 60%

Mouth size: Oval, for 5″ round

DXPL-02 controller included





Responsabilité environnementale

The Lifebreath core is made of single aluminum plates. These plates are not only environmentally friendly but, in addition, they are non-toxic and do not emit any gases like other materials do. The durability and long life of these reclaimed cores alone would benefit the environment, but this environmental attitude is further enhanced by the fact that the entire core is fully recyclable at the end of its cycle. of life – as well as all the materials used in the manufacturing process.





Ease of maintenance

The machine, whose advanced design promotes maintenance, has an easy-to-handle access door and support guides that allow the core to be removed smoothly and washed with minimal effort. The spacing between the plates is sufficient for it to be possible to effectively clean any dust or matter that may have lodged there.




Maximum airflow

The most efficient core on the market today provides the perfect balance of airflow and heat recovery. This efficiency model was designed by applying computer-generated fluid dynamics to determine the optimal plate surface shaping and spacing.






Durability in all climates

Besides being a powerful conductor of energy, aluminum is much more durable than the usual materials found in competitive products. You can have complete confidence in the durability and performance of your unit, regardless of the climate in which it is installed. For more information on the Lifebreath Core and our six facets of performance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at your convenience.




Lifetime warranty

High-quality component construction ensures lifetime consistency of performance and the resulting peace of mind, backed by our commitment to you.




What type of air exchanger is best for me?

HRV or ERV? Depending on the geographic location of your home, you will need to install one of the following two types of air exchanger: a heat recovery air exchanger (HRV) ventilation system or an energy recovery air exchanger (VRE).


HRV – Heat Recovery Ventilator

In colder regions, where home heating is required, a heat recovery ventilation system (HRV) is a good choice. An HRV system provides the home with a continuous supply of fresh outside air. As stale, warm indoor air is expelled outside, the heat recovery core heats cold air from outside before it is distributed in your home. This effect is beneficial, you do not feel a draft and you do not waste energy to heat the air outside.


ERV – Energy Recovery Ventilator

ERV is the perfect choice for all types of climates including hot and humid summers, where homes are air conditioned and dehumidified for most of the year. Like HRV, ERV recovers heat in the cold season, but also recovers energy trapped in ambient humidity, which greatly increases the overall recovery efficiency of your air exchanger. This is how the ERV system works: in regions with a humid climate and in air-conditioned houses, where the humidity is higher outside than inside, the ERV system limits the amount of humidity entering the House. In dry climates and humidified homes, when humidity levels are reversed, the ERV system limits the amount of moisture released outside the home.







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Tension 120 V
Fréquence 60 Hz
Phase N/A
Courant 1 A
Débit d’air à vitesse élevée 152 CFM
Pression statique 0 IN. WG
Poids en lb 51 lb
Tuyaux d’évacuation Yes


Coeur L’échangeur de chaleur à courants croisés assure un juste équilibre entre l’efficacité, une taille compacte et un excellent rendement à basse température. Grâce à notre stratégie de dégivrage par recirculation, l’efficacité de récupération de chaleur sensible (ERCS) à -25 °C (avec dégivrage) peut se situer à quelques pour cent de l’ERCS à 0 °C (sans dégivrage), ce qui permet de réaliser des économies d’énergie substantielles. Chaque noyau est mis à l’essai pour assurer un faible taux de fuite.
Décongeler Recirculation
Facilité d’entretien Porte à loquet permettant d’accéder aisément au noyau et aux filtres pour faciliter le nettoyage. Dégagement de 25 po recommandé.
Cas Acier galvanisé de calibre 20 prépeint
Isolation Mousse de polystyrène 3/4 po à revêtement métallique
Filtres Lavable, dans les circuits d’admission et d’évacuation
Montage Généralement suspendu à l’aide de la trousse de sangles et de crochets fournie.
Cordon d’alimentation 3 pi~