VanEE 70E+ ERV air exchanger


Air flow: 50-115 CFM

Mouth location: Sides (horizontal)

Mouth size: 5 ” round

Sensitive heat recovery (-25 ° C): 61%

Total moisture recovery efficiency (35 ° C): 54%

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The most compact VanEE 70E + ERV air exchanger on the market

VänEE has achieved a great success: a range of air exchangers producing 115 CFM and reaching an unequaled level of energy performance in a design of only 9 inches thick that can be installed anywhere. This air exchanger is downright awesome, the new 70E models in the Bronze series not only meet new construction requirements, but they also allow easy installation and integrated into the ceiling of each living unit. A profitable solution at all levels of your project. Exceeds the standards required for a condo space, even a large area, with a ventilation rate of 115 cubic feet of air per minute. The exclusive advanced fan design allows effective ventilation to be maintained, despite large pressure differentials in condo towers.


vanee 70h

Air flow: 50-115 CFM

Mouth location: Sides (horizontal)

Sensitive heat recovery (-25 ° C): 61%

Total moisture recovery efficiency (35 ° C): 54%

Mouth size: 5 ” round

Controller not included

Height: 9 ”
Width: 27 1/8 ”
Depth: 23 1/8 ”


33% quieter

The VanEE 70E VRE air exchanger is much quieter than the systems on the market. Latest generation vänEE blower system greatly reducing the noise associated with the movement of air inside the ERV. Fixing system with integrated anti-vibration suspension eliminating the noise associated with direct installation on the concrete slab.


Easy to install in any case

Quick and easy ceiling installation with innovative brackets eliminating the need to use springs or pads to reduce vibrations. Clever closing system with press and integrated fixing hooks considerably reducing installation time. Robust 100% metal components capable of withstanding site conditions.


Cold protection system

Each VanEE 70E VRE Air Exchanger model is equipped with a cold protection system, the ColdShield, which ensures that the air introduced is tempered even in extreme cold, thus promoting comfort and helping to protect equipment.


No drain

The central high-performance energy recovery core efficiently recovers heat and humidity, reducing heating and cooling costs while providing incomparable comfort. In addition, the use of this technology makes it possible to avoid the use of a drainage drain, thereby facilitating installation.


  • 22 gauge galvanized steel housing and door
  • Monocoque molded insulation, (expanded polystyrene certified according to UL 94 HF-1)
  • 5 “* galvanized steel mouths • Steel hinges and door latches
  • Mouths on the cold side with a plastic ring; seal the vapor barrier of the ducts
  • No drain hose required * All of the unit’s vents are designed to be connected to conduits with a minimum of 5 ” in diameter, but if necessary, they can be connected to larger format conduits using an adequate transition (e.g .: transition from 5 in. to 6 in. in diameter). MOTORS
  • Two motors of external rotor of high reliability, completely closed and protected against overheating
  • Centrifugal fans, can withstand an environment with high static pressure


  • Two washable filters in crosslinked foam of 20 ppp polyesterurethane, certified UL 900 class 2
  • MERV 7 optional filter set, part no. 21030 (allow for additional static pressure of 0.1 in. Of water) (sold separately)

ERV core

  • Cross stream, aluminum and polymerized paper, UL723 certified
  • Hygroscopic polymer exchanges water by direct transfer of vapor by molecular transport without passing through condensation
  • Made of successive layers of corrugated aluminum and media impregnated with bactericidal polymeric desiccant; will not promote the growth of mold or bacteria
  • Unique design in rectangular channels for achieving very low pressure drop values


HRV or ERV? Depending on the geographic location of your home, you will need to install one of the following two types of air exchanger: a heat recovery air exchanger (HRV) ventilation system or an energy recovery air exchanger (VRE).



In colder regions, where home heating is required, a heat recovery ventilation system (HRV) is a good choice. An HRV system provides the home with a continuous supply of fresh outside air. As stale, warm indoor air is expelled outside, the heat recovery core heats cold air from outside before it is distributed in your home. This effect is beneficial, you do not feel a draft and you do not waste energy to heat the air outside.



ERV is the perfect choice for all types of climates including hot and humid summers, where homes are air conditioned and dehumidified for most of the year. Like HRV, ERV recovers heat in the cold season, but also recovers energy trapped in ambient humidity, which greatly increases the overall recovery efficiency of your air exchanger. This is how the ERV system works: in regions with a humid climate and in air-conditioned houses, where the humidity is higher outside than inside, the ERV system limits the amount of humidity entering the House. In dry climates and humidified homes, when humidity levels are reversed, the ERV system limits the amount of moisture released outside the home.



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Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 20 × 9 in


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Recovery type: ERV
Air exchange rate (ft3 / min): 50/101
Mouth position: Sides
Mouth Diameter: 5 ”
Wall control compatibility: Lite-Touch, Simple-Touch, Deco-Touch, Bronze, Platinum
Filter: Washable foam
Parts warranty (years): 5
Core warranty (years): 5
ENERGY STAR © qualified: Yes
HVI certified: Yes