Stelpro ALUX 120V Electric Baseboard


Voltage: 120V

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A truly solid luxury electric baseboard

Here is a mini-plinth that you will not soon forget: the ALUX series SPDHA, designed to be installed at the bottom of a patio door or a window. In addition to not cluttering the room, it controls the infiltration of cold air and the formation of fogging thanks to the curtain of hot air that it gives off. Its singular style and its extremely resistant aluminum extrusion allow it to be in harmony with all the rooms where it is installed.

Power and Voltage


300W, 450W, 600W, 750W, 900W, 1050W, 1200W, 1350W


luxurious finish: clear anodized



epoxy-polyester powder paint or clear anodized finish



3 ” x 3 ” compact profile

Rugged 20 gauge steel case and front made of extremely tough aluminum extrusion with a thickness equivalent to 10 gauge

automatic reset thermal protection

full length grommet



tubular stainless steel element attached at one end and floating in a nylon sleeve at the other end to reduce expansion and contraction noise of metal subjected to heating cycles



wall thermostat (not included) – the use of an electronic thermostat is strongly recommended




on the wall or floor with or without pedestal kit (optional)

connection compartment at each end

continuously using empty sections (custom-made) and accessories (optional)


Thickness: 3 ″
Height: 3 ″
Length: See selection table below

Code Puissance – watts Tension – volts Longueur du produit – mm (po) Poids – kg (lb) Couleur
ALUX206031CA 300 120V 600 (23-5/8) 2.4 (5.2) Anodisé clair
ALUX209041CA 450 120V 900 (35-7/16) 3.5 (7.8) Anodisé clair
ALUX212061CA 600 120V 1200 (47-1/4) 4.7 (10.4) Anodisé clair
ALUX215071CA 750 120V 1500 (59-1/16) 5.9 (13) Anodisé clair
ALUX218091CA 900 120V 1800 (70-7/8) 7.1 (15.5) Anodisé clair
ALUX221101CA 1050 120V 2100 (82-11/16) 8.2 (18.1) Anodisé clair
ALUX224121CA 1200 120V 2400 (94-1/2) 9.4 (20.7) Anodisé clair
SPDHA27131CA 1350 120V 2700 (106-5/16) 10.6 (23.3) Anodisé clair


3 ans

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Weight 21 lbs

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