LG Multi Zone Heat Pump

The LG Multi Zone wall heat pumps are the quietest on the market with an internal operating noise of 19 dbs. LG wall-mounted air conditioners are equipped with an Inverter compressor that will meet all your comfort needs.

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Before buying your LG multi-zone wall-mounted heat pump

LG multi-zone wall-mounted air conditioners or wall-mounted heat pumps are specially designed to provide for people who do not have a ventilation duct in their home. If you have electric baseboards or convectairs to heat your home during the winter, you probably don’t have wall air conditioning to cool your home on very hot summer days.

A multi-zone wall-mounted air conditioner or a heat pump can be installed almost anywhere and does not require any renovation after the work. There are a lot of brand air conditioners available in Quebec, however they are not always reliable devices. It is for this reason that you must be careful when you think of buying a wall-mounted air conditioner or a heat pump

When purchasing an air conditioner, you must ensure that the contractor performing the work has all of these licenses to perform the work.



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Advantage of the LG Wall Thermopomope

LG multi-zone wall-mounted heat pumps are among the best in its class with an energy efficiency of 21 to 25.5 SEER. The wall-mounted heat pumps are equipped with an Inverter compressor that will meet all your comfort needs. With their stylish design, they will meet your criteria in terms of interior decoration.

The LG heat pumps consume less energy than most heat pumps with an Inverter compressor because when the requested temperature is reached, the LG multi-zone air conditioner will operate at low speed to maintain only the desired level of comfort. This design conserves energy by targeting only the places that really need air conditioning. So if you want a device that will greatly help you reduce your energy consumption, LG multi-zone air conditioners are a great choice!

In addition, the operating noise of the LG multi-zone heat pump is impressive, only 19dbs for the standard model and 17dbs for the Prestige model, it is much quieter than a dishwasher.


LG Smart Control Wi-Fi Technology

The WIFI technology of the LG heat pump allows you to make additional savings by minimizing your energy consumption. The app provides current and accumulated daily, weekly and monthly electricity consumption data and will notify you when electricity consumption reaches your pre-programmed limit.


Truly silent technology

The new tangential fan exclusive to the lG heat pump and low vibration compressor technology have reached world class sound levels. Their noise level is lower than that measured in a library.

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Incomparable energy efficiency

The revolutionary compressor technology in your LG heat pump offers powerful and quiet performance while minimizing energy consumption by almost 74% compared to constant speed compressors.

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Optimized air flows

LG wall heat pumps can provide cool or warm air to every corner of your home, The four-way sweeping function lets you blow air quickly and efficiently in multiple directions

The direction of the horizontal vane can be adjusted from position 1 to 5, left and right, with a full scan. This function also allows the air conditioner to cool specific areas in a short period of time.

The direction of the vertical flap can be adjusted from position 1 to 6 with a full scan. This function allows you to cool certain sections of your house much faster

The four-way sweep propels optimized airflow, no matter where you are in the room.

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Extra powerful air flows

LG’s new fans allow you to feel cool or warm air from a distance of 39 feet or more. This means that the heating will be quick and powerful, it will help you feel warm much faster than other models.

LG wall heat pumps heat up a larger space up to 3 times faster in a short period of time, creating a warm and comfortable living environment.

Characteristics of the LG multi-zone heat pump


Inverter V

Reversal systems include variable speed compressors rather than fixed speed compressors found in traditional systems. Rather than running at full capacity and then stopping, the reverse system adjusts the compressor speed up or down to suit the needs of space. Reversing systems operate more quietly, offer more comfort and use less energy than interrupt systems.

Self-cleaning indoor coil

Wicks dirt and moisture from the coil surface to keep it clean. • Dehumidification mode. When the unit is operating at its lowest speed in terms of air flow and air conditioning capacity, it removes moisture from the space without cooling it too much.

Random air flow

The speed of the electronically controlled fan generates a more natural-looking, random air flow, and a reduction in temperature stratification.

Jet Cool

Operates at high speed for up to 30 minutes to quickly decrease the temperature of a room to 18 ° C (64 ° F).

Wind vortex

The electronically controlled fan speeds generate a stronger air flow and reduce temperature stratification.

Automatic operation

Allows you to choose from three comfort levels. The temperature and fan speed are automatically adjusted.

Manual switch

The easily accessible button allows continuous operation if the remote control is lost.

Defrost control

Turn off the indoor fan to prevent cold air from being blown into the area. Removes frost from the outdoor coil when the outside temperature is low.

Auto standby mode

Automatically increases the temperature setting by 2 ° F twice (after half an hour and one hour). The indoor unit stops when the stopwatch finishes its run.

Gold Fin

All coils in the outdoor unit are coated with a standard GoldFin anti-corrosion coating at the factory. GoldFin will promote sustainable efficiency and extend the life of the coil by helping to prevent corrosion caused by surrounding pollutants.


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