Gree Multi Zone Heat Pump

The Gree multi-zone heat pump is designed to face the extreme conditions of our Quebec climate. Particularly during periods of extreme cold, it offers effective comfort down to temperatures as freezing as -30°C.


The experts in comfort and world-class Gree multi-zone heat pump

Gree is the world’s largest manufacturer of air conditioning and heating equipment. Wherever you go, on every continent, in any country you will meet people who know Gree air conditioning products. As a result, one in three air conditioners sold worldwide is manufactured by Gree. Think about it: impossible to reach 33% market share without a whole series of tests and quality controls, innovative technologies and proven reliability.

À partir de 140$/mois

Thermopompe Multi-Zone Gree

  • Garantie 12 ans
  • Jusqu’à 22 SEER / 10.5 HSPF / 12.5 EER
  • 400 CFM
  • 28 Décibels
  • Compresseur Inverter
  • Chauffage -30°C


3000 patents, 300 laboratories, 3 research centers, 5000 engineers

Recognized as a global pillar for the manufacturing of wall-mounted heat pumps, Gree has acquired this title thanks to its cutting-edge technologies and innovation over several years. Research and development are at the heart of the company’s priorities: Gree designs, develops and manufactures the various components of its products itself and thanks to its research institutes and specialized product development centers, Gree is in measurement can ensure the quality, consistency, reliability and energy efficiency of each device sold worldwide.


G10 inverter technology

Most wall-mounted heat pumps operate with a fixed speed compressor, which causes frequent stops and starts and creates unnecessary energy costs. G10 Inverter technology, unique to Gree wall-mounted heat pumps, allows you to reach the desired ambient temperature more quickly while reducing your energy consumption. It allows a precise set point to be maintained and stands out for its compressor consumption as low as 45W. G10 technology also ensures quieter operation by reducing compressor vibration and noise.



Base pan heater for your comfort

The Gree wall-mounted heat pump adapts to the extreme conditions of our Canadian climate. Particularly during very cold periods, it offers ultimate comfort down to temperatures as freezing as -30°C, without any compromise on performance and above all on your well-being. Gree equips its outdoor units with a base with heating element which prevents condensate freezing and ensures full efficiency of the device and maximum heating power.


Making your home comfortable is Gree’s primary mission

All its devices are entrusted to the care of a network of certified contractors with all the technical knowledge necessary to support you wisely during your purchasing process and install them according to the rules of the art for reliability and maximum performance.



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