Ventilation duct cleaning

Please note that the cleaning period is between the period of November 1 to March 31.

For the summer period April 1 to October 31, our technicians are focusing on repairs.

Thank you for your understanding !

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How do I know if I need to clean my ducts?

The dust and mold that has accumulated over the years can be very harmful to your health, which is why you should thoroughly clean your ducts. Only real specialists in duct cleaning can perform this task.

The first thing to look at is the condition of your ducts. You can remove the feed and return grills and look inside to see if your ducts need cleaning. If you see that there is dust or that your ducts are dirty, it probably means that you need cleaning. Once you have found that you need to clean your ventilation ducts, contact a company that specializes in cleaning ductwork. When the technician comes to clean your ducts, it is very important to check if the devices they use are suitable for your ductwork. Normally the devices required for proper cleaning are certified by the Canadian Duct Cleaning Association.


What are the steps for a good cleaning?

Technicians should start by removing all of the dust that is stuck in your ventilation ducts using a brush or air jet. This will greatly facilitate the work of the vacuum cleaner which will collect the accumulated dust (please note that companies specializing in duct cleaning will use cameras to verify that the ducts are well cleaned).

Then, all the air diffusers must be blocked with bags or a balloon specially designed for this work to improve the performance of the vacuum cleaner which will take care of cleaning the ducts. This will avoid spreading the dust inside your home. The work must be done one air outlet at a time to get all the dust residue into your main ducts. After all these steps are completed, the technicians will have to make a hole in your main ducts to access this part to collect dust from all of your network. It is very important that the devices used to convey the dust to the furnace section do not push the dust towards the diffusers but rather towards the furnace. Finally, once your ducts are clean, the technicians must clean the furnace and your ventilation (your coil also if you have a heat pump or air conditioner)


How often should these conduits be cleaned?

Cleaning the ventilation duct is much more important than you think. It is essential to have clean ducts to have good air quality inside your home. Dirty or poorly maintained ventilation ducts significantly increase your energy consumption costs.

We recommend having your ventilation ducts cleaned every 4-5 years.

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