Steffes Serenity heat accumulator

The Steffes Serenity heat accumulator skillfully combines forced air heating with electric thermal storage technology, guaranteeing reliable and constant heat in every corner of your home.



Steffes Serenity heat accumulator

Steffes’ heat storage electric central heating systems stand out for their improved energy efficiency, exploiting electricity consumption during peak hours billed at a more advantageous rate due to low demand on the electricity network . This technology transforms off-peak electricity into heat uniquely stored in heating elements housed within high-density ceramic bricks.

The exceptional capacities of Steffes thermal storage systems make it possible to store significant quantities of heat for long periods. This means you can benefit from optimal performance during peak periods at a cost closer to that of off-peak hours. These capabilities offer the opportunity to make substantial savings, ranging from 20 to 30% on heating bills, while maintaining your comfort and maintaining the convenience of a traditional heating system. Thermal storage electric central heating solutions have the advantage of not producing carbon monoxide and require minimal maintenance, guaranteeing unrivaled reliability.

Steffes Serenity 4210

  • Garantie 5 ans
  • 16 kW
  • 1000-1600 CFM
  • Capacité de stockage 80 kWh
  • Aide financière jusqu'a 22,000$

Steffes Comfort Plus 4120

  • Garantie 5 ans
  • 19.2 kW - 24.8 kW
  • 1200-2000 CFM
  • Capacité de stockage 120 kWh
  • Aide financière jusqu'a 22,000$

The advantages of opting for a heat accumulator

The Steffes Serenity heat accumulator skillfully combines forced air heating with electric thermal storage technology, guaranteeing reliable and constant heat in every corner of your home. Designed specifically to replace existing oil, gas or electric heating systems, the Serenity generator stands out for its remarkable efficiency. By optimizing the use of low-cost electricity outside peak times, it gives you an economical and comfortable heating solution.

The Serenity forced air hot air generator from Steffes offers the following advantages for heating your home:

  • Certainty of Constant Comfort
    Provide your family with a comfortable and stable environment.
  • Commitment to a Low Carbon Future
    Contribute to a sustainable, low-carbon future for your children and your community.
  • Efficiency and Respect for the Environment
    Enjoy the comfort of knowing that you have chosen the most efficient and environmentally friendly system for your home.
  • The ability to run your system using a generator
    When a power outage occurs, the heat stored in the bricks only requires power from the fan to heat your home.
  • Subsidy from Hydro Quebec of up to $22,000
    Receive $15,000 for the installation of a heat accumulator + $7,000 for the installation of a heat pump
  • Minimal and easy maintenance, simple and proven technology.
  • Lower noise level compared to a dual energy or oil system.
  • Possibility of use with a heat pump.
  • No overheating in the area where the device is located, despite the high temperatures of the thermal mass.
  • Easy integration into existing ventilation ducts.

How dynamic pricing (Flex D) works

The Flex D rate offers increased savings potential thanks to its dynamic pricing

During the winter season, it offers more advantageous rates than the base rate, with the exception of peak periods, when prices are adjusted upwards.


The FLEX D RATE is different from the base rate D RATE. It applies as follows:

In winter, outside peak events: the price of electricity is approximately (30%) lower than the base rate. Interesting savings can be made;

During peak events: electricity is billed at a high price (53.526¢/kWh). It is then necessary to shift consumption which is not essential or limit it to minimize costs. The day before a peak event, you receive an email notification and, if you wish, a notification.

The rest of the year: Rate D prices (basic rate) apply.


Peak events

Peak events can take place Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. from December 1 to March 31. There could be 25 to 33 events per winter at most, for a maximum of 100 hours.


Depending on your energy consumption habits, it is possible that your bill will be higher with the Flex D rate than with the base rate if you do not take the necessary measures during peak events, because the price is higher. It is therefore important to consume as little electricity as possible and to be careful during these events to avoid being penalized.

For more information on FLEX D dynamic pricing


Financial aid of $22,000

Central heating technology with heat storage, relatively unknown in Quebec, is already widely used in regions where dynamic pricing has been in effect for several years.

Starting in April 2023, Hydro-Québec is offering a subsidy of $15,000 to customers wishing to install a central heating system with a heat accumulator.

In addition, you benefit from additional financial assistance of $7,000 by opting for the simultaneous installation of an efficient central heat pump in addition to your heat accumulator.

Details on financial aid

System Components

1. High density heat storage bricks
2. Electric heating elements
3. Programmable microprocessor control panel and digital display
4. Built-in circuit breakers for power cutoff
5. Central fan
6. Air handling unit with variable speed fan
7. Air conditioning or heat pump coil (must be provided by the installer)
8. Return air plenum (ordered separately or supplied by installer)
9. Air filter
10. Supply air plenum (ordered separately or supplied by installer)

Technological advantages of the Steffes Serenity heat accumulator

  • Proven technology
  • Minimal and easy maintenance
  • Low noise level compared to an oil or dual energy system
  • Possibility of pairing with a heat pump
  • No overheating in the area where the equipment is installed despite the high temperatures accumulated
  • Easy integration into existing ventilation ducts
Accumulateur de chaleur avec, en arrière-plan, une maison en hiver
Thermopompe Moovair à combiner avec un accumulateur de chaleur

Installation with a heat pump

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient heating and cooling methods. Using a Steffes Serenity heat store with a heat pump combines the high efficiency of the heat pump with off-peak electricity rates, making this heating and cooling system the lowest cost option lowest exploitation.

In heat pump applications, the Serenity heat store replaces electrical element heat, which is typically needed to supplement the heat pump, with low-cost stored heat during off-peak hours. As outdoor temperatures decrease, the heat stored in the heat accumulator is used in conjunction with the heating capacity of the heat pump to meet comfort requirements. During peak hours or when heat demand reaches a point where the heat pump alone cannot meet heating needs, stored heat is used to supplement the heat pump.

How does the Steffes Serenity heat accumulator work?

  1. The house thermostat is set to the desired temperature. If the room temperature drops below the thermostat set point, the system is activated to provide heat.
  2. When the thermostat calls for heat, the heat pump’s external compressor is energized and heats the coil in the accumulator return air duct. At the same time, the Serenity fan is powered.
  3. The fan draws air from the house (rated at 68°F) through the air filter and the heat pump coil extracting heat from the coil as it passes through it.
  4. An electronic sensor monitors the air temperature past the heat pump coil. If the air temperature is warm enough to provide comfort (usually 90°F or higher), the fan simply transmits heat into the house through the ventilation ducts. The air temperature after the coil in the diagram is shown as 85°F.
  5. If the air temperature past the heat pump coil is below a comfortable level (typically below 90°F), the Serenity’s central fan will modulate the low-cost “off-peak” stored heat in the ventilation ducts to comfortable heat (usually 90°F). or higher).
  6. Since heat pumps typically have an operating efficiency of 150% to 300% or more (depending on the outside temperature), the Serenity system first uses the heating capacity offered by the heat pump.
  7. If the heat pump does not have the capacity to meet comfort requirements, the Serenity system begins operating with the heat pump using low-cost off-peak energy to ensure user comfort at all times. Combining the efficiency of the heat pump with the Serenity “Off-Peak” system provides very low operating costs for the end user as well as great comfort.
Graphique illustrant le fonctionnement de l'accumulateur de chaleur Steffes


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