Fujitsu Floor Console Air Conditioner

The Fujitsu Floor Console Air Conditioner can be installed in any space of your home as it does not make noise. Continuous ventilation will ensure your comfort throughout the year thanks to the low and high speed mode.

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Before buying your Fujitsu Floor Console Air Conditioner

The floor standing air conditioner and built-in heat pumps are specially designed to provide for people who do not have a ventilation duct in their home. If you have electric baseboards to heat your home during the winter, you probably don’t have air conditioning to cool your home on the hottest days of summer.

A wall mounted air conditioner or floor console can be installed almost anywhere and does not require any renovation after the work. There are a lot of brands of air conditioners available in Quebec, however they are not always reliable devices. This is why you have to be careful when you think about buying an air conditioner.

When purchasing an air conditioner, you must ensure that the contractor performing the work has all of these licenses to perform the work.




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Benefit Fujitsu Floor Console Air Conditioner

Slim and elegant, Fujitsu console floor air conditioners are designed specifically for smaller spaces where the use of a conventional wall air conditioner is not an option. We can install the indoor unit at the height of your floor like the equivalent of a Convectair electric heater. The device is controlled by a wireless remote control, so we don’t need to run wires through the walls.

Their sleek design allows perfect integration into any type of decor because you do not have an appliance on the wall (only ventilation outlets). Small but powerful, Fujitsu air conditioners now offer Inverter technology, eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant, operation in heating mode down to -21 degrees as well as air conditioning, silent mode and easy maintenance.

For 10 years now, Fujitsu air conditioners have been the most recognized air conditioning and heating devices by Quebecers for several reasons, in part because they are designed to cope with the North American climate. Their design is made to withstand all weather conditions thanks to their insulation of the upper components.

Application of Fujitsu ductless built-in air conditioners

Fujitsu built-in air conditioners provide air conditioning in summer and heating in winter for incomparable comfort all year round.

The indoor and outdoor units are provided with DC motors (variable), superior performance and very quiet operation. These systems owe their unmatched performance to the high efficiency fan blades, evaporator and condenser paired with a Halcyon inverter variable speed compressor.

The latter automatically adjusts the power of the appliance according to fluctuations in the demand for air conditioning or heating, for increased comfort in all seasons. Designed for individual rooms, these systems are the ideal solution for any space requiring air conditioning or heating.


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The best floor standing air conditioner on the market

As quiet as 23dB, the Fujitsu floor standing console air conditioner can be installed in any space of your home because it makes no noise. Continuous ventilation will ensure your comfort throughout the year thanks to the low and high speed mode. In addition, it is specially designed to be installed between the roof joists because it is only 22.5 inches wide.


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Unlike centralized systems, Fujitsu wall-mounted air conditioners require no air ducts. So you have no energy losses, which could represent more than 30% of energy consumption. With efficiency up to 26 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio), our Fujitsu air conditioning and heating systems rank among the most efficient on the market!

  • Wired remote control
  • Night mode
  • Dehumidification mode
  • Motorized shutters up / down
  • Silent mode
  • Automatic restart
  • Remote temperature sensor
  • High ceiling mode
  • Integrated condensing pump
  • 2 stages turbo fan


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