Emerson Digital Thermostat Series 80


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Emerson Series 80 digital thermostat – The best thermostat

Simple and practical to use, the Emerson Thermostat will be perfect for your home. It controls the temperature at 0.1 ° C, so it is extremely precise. The large thermostat display will allow you to easily adjust the temperature. Blue lighting for greater brightness at all times. The Emerson 80 series thermostat can be programmed for 7 days so you can control the temperature of the house throughout the day to maximize energy savings when you are away from home. A user manual is provided with the purchase of the thermostat for ease of use. If a power failure occurs, the thermostat will keep its programming.

In addition, it will tell you if your furnace filter needs to be replaced. With the possibility of 4 heating stages and 2 air conditioning stages, it will accept any air conditioning and heating device. The best-selling series of digital thermostats is now available. The 80 Series thermostats have a large, easy-to-read 25 cm2 display and improved functions that enhance the comfort of the home. They combine the best features of the 80 Series and incorporate new functions – exclusive Cool SavingsTM, programmable or not, superior battery life thanks to an exclusive controller – all in a slim and compact case. Reliability is now offered in Blue!


Comfort and convenience

  • Permanent storage of the program in the event of a power failure Program suspension for an indefinite period
  • Air filter change indicator (optional)
  • Simple configuration menu to activate optional functions
  • Temporary suspension of the set point for at least two hours or until the next program period
  • Comfort keypad Display calibration


  • Large liquid crystal display with improved contrast for easy reading
  • Illuminated display, more visible in the dark


  • Programming choice (7 days) 4 time settings of the set point per program (heating and air conditioning)
  • Energy savings of up to 33%
  • Patented software with integrated program simplifying the programming of the schedule and set points


Additional information


1F83C-11NP, 1F83C-11PR, 1F83H-21NP, 1F83H-21PR, 1F85U-22NP, 1F85U-22PR, 1F85U-42NP, 1F85U-42PR


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Manual / Digital Digital
Heating stage 1-4
Air conditioning stages 1-2
7 days programming
Use with heat pump yes (2 stages)
Battery Power / Power Wire
Millivolt yes
Use with Gas / Oil yes
Use with electric furnace yes
Backlit display yes
Outdoor temperature sensor no
Indoor temperature sensor yes
Auto fan yes
Filter change yes
Humidifier filter change no
Humidity control no
Lock yes
WIFI control no
White colour