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Heating is a technique which consists in modifying the condition of the ambient air, there are several ways of heating, in particular heating premises, water, an uninhabited space, warehouses and sanitary spaces. Heating is mainly used to be more comfortable in order to improve the climatic condition of the space in question. The main objective of heating is to improve the comfort of the occupants.

It is very important to understand that to heat or change the climate of a space, it is necessary to consume energy. However, there are much more economical methods of heating than others. It largely depends on your budget and the possibilities for your space to be heated.

How is the air heated?

First, any heating system has a heat source and a heat emitter. The heat source is mostly hotter than the air in the space you want to heat, thereby heating it to the degree you want. The temperature difference between the heating source and the air you want to heat is called the DELTA T (temperature difference between a heat source and the air). The heat emitter is the material that allows the exchange of heat with air by convection, radiation and radiation. It transmits its energy to heat the air (convector, convectair, electric radiator, heated floor, electric furnace, air heater, fan coil, etc.) Energy can be transmitted by the following heat transfer fluids: Water, l forced air and other heat-carrying liquid substance.

What is the most economical heating?

Currently the most economical heating is heat pumps (heat pumps). This heating device consists in transferring the heat emitted by the compressor into a heating coil to extract this heat into the space you want to heat using liquid refrigerant. The refrigerant is a liquid that has characteristics of absorption of heat. Heat pump systems can be combined with other heating means as they are only effective up to about -15 degrees Celsius. Electric furnaces or convectors are also an excellent means of heating because the cost of electricity is much more stable than petroleum products such as fuel oil or natural gas.

What are the ecological effects of heating

Heating has a very important ecological effect on planet Earth, it constitutes around 20% of the reasons for global warming. Raw heating has no direct environmental impact, but greenhouse gases are the biggest problem. Wood heating is the main pollutant of the heating means used, it mainly emits toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, toxic or carcinogenic compounds such as “PAHs” (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Oil or gas heating is also a big environmental problem with these constant emissions which are caused by the combustion of pure gas.You should consider replacing oil systems as this is one of the main reasons for pollution.

Air quality during heating

It is very important to have good air quality during the heating season because all the windows of your house must be closed so as not to let fresh air inside so as not to increase your costs of heating. The most important thing to have good indoor air quality is to have a good air filtration system. If you have a furnace with an air duct system that blows air into your home, you have a furnace filter that filters the air before distributing it into your home. This filter is used in particular to filter the dust present in your house but also the fuels which are emitted by your heating devices like carbon monoxide which is very bad for health. You should not neglect the filters of your heating devices because they are the key to good indoor air quality. Also, to improve air quality, a humidifier and an air exchanger can greatly help. The air exchanger will constantly renew your supply of fresh air while the humidifier will regulate the humidity in your home.

How to choose your heating system?

Several energy sources are available in Quebec. Before making your choice, take into consideration what energies are available in your region and compare the energy efficiency of each device according to your budget and your needs. Also take the time to find out about the various financial aids available by governments and local energy distributors like Hydro-Québec: the financial aids offered could influence your choice and considerably reduce your energy consumption costs, purchase and installation.

Heat pump

A heat pump offers summer comfort: air conditioning for the summer season and heating for the winter season. A high efficiency heat pump can represent significant savings in energy consumption costs.

Electric furnace

Electric hot air generators, or electric furnaces, have certain advantages, particularly for replacing an oil system. They offer an excellent distribution of heat notably thanks to several diffusers in each room.

Wall-mounted heat pump without ducts

Affordable and easy to install, the ductless wall heat pump is the perfect device for homeowners who own a home without a vent system but still want year-round comfort.

Multi-zone air conditioning system without ducts

Increasingly popular, the multi-zone air conditioning system is a wall-mounted heat pump type system composed of a single outdoor condensing unit (compressor) and several indoor units (wall, ceiling or recessed) installed in several rooms of the house to to offer comfort in every room of the house.

Think about operating costs

It is important to consider the cost of running your new heating system. Three main factors can determine operating costs and energy consumption: the annual heating load, the type and price of fuel, and the energy efficiency of the equipment.

When to buy your new heating system?

Buying a heating system when the old one died is not the best solution, because the old appliance consumes a lot more energy compared to the installation of it . Purchasing before winter is advisable because you will have more time to devote to the analysis of the various products available to you on the market.


Maintaining your heating system annually is very important. This will significantly extend the life of your devices, you will get maximum performance winter after winter, and you will ensure flawless operation especially in very cold weather. Find products that are ENERGY STAR qualified

This symbol identifies products with low energy consumption which are both economical and environmentally friendly. Look for the ENERGY STAR symbol on the heating units, their packaging or in the accompanying documentation. Only very energy efficient appliances can carry the ENERGY STAR symbol.

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